Yoga Retreats

Deepen Your Yoga Practice and Change People’s Lives
If you’ve ever thought about teaching yoga or deepening your yoga practice, you’ve come to the right place. As a yoga teacher you’ll bring peace, joy, and relaxation into people’s lives. Yoga has been passed down for thousands of years from master to disciple in its native country of India. Today, more than 20 million Americans are eagerly incorporating yoga into their lives for health and well-being. These people need teachers, why not you?

The Demand is Growing!
As demand grows, the need for great class teachers and private instructors is quickly expanding. Over the last 30 years, millions of people have discovered this amazing practice and we are experiencing massive growth in the area of yoga. Millions more will be drawn to yoga for its ability to positively impact lives in the areas of health, stress relief, wellness, and overall happiness.

Is Yoga Teacher Training Right For You?
We are committed to honoring the roots of this ancient practice while simultaneously exploring the ways yoga can be adapted to our modern western culture. Our program is designed for both aspiring yoga teachers and those wanting to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga. A desire to become a yoga teacher is not required, but a commitment to yoga and completing this training is essential.

You may be wondering, “I am ready”. Are my postures “good enough”? Am I fit strong enough? Rest assured, you will not have to hold a headstand for any length of time to be admitted into our program! We look at your desire to learn, your willingness to be open and receptive. We want people who are both passionate and compassionate. We want to know if you want to live consciously and make a positive impact. Do you have a strong desire to share yoga? (The yoga pictures used above are made by Martin Husch.)

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